Wednesday, February 18, 2009

it's hairraising

Had a good laugh when leaving work, someone said: "Have a good night". "Think it's going to be hairraising - literally," I replied. lol
This is my fourth posting of the day. Often wonder if anyone reads this but what I am realising is that talking about things helps. Was on my own when realised my hair was falling out. Felt very upset. Felt vulnerable.
Now am neutral. It's fine 'cos put it on facebook and chatted to quite a few people about it. It's not a surprise and it feels ok but am conscious of the fact that have decided to forego two art exhibition openings tomorrow night to go the launch of 2009 Drama for Life at the Wits Theatre - alone. My hair will then either be going, going, going or even gone. Will be wearing one of my caps - now wanna buy more - but hopefully it will be ok. Will I need a supportive ally? Maybe. Ideally. But should/must manage.
This is my fourth posting of the day, and there might be more.

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