Friday, February 6, 2009

back at work after chemo

Went back to work today after two days off 'cos of the chemo. Wasn't great. Felt pretty nauseous and had to pop an extra pill at midday and then left early-ish but did do some work.
Was a bit amazed - horrified really - how not up to usual energy levels. One doctor had lent me a book on surviving breast cancer. Great book and my sister had it photostated today (ja, ja, I know, copyright and all that but it is not available here). The doctor needed it back but the idea of popping into my car and dashing off to collect it and then rushing off to the doctor's rooms was far more than I could cope with. Hope it's just a temporary energy loss.
Came home and slept for close to three hours. Passed out really. Yesterday slept for just over three. Also kinda passed out. Presume it's a side-effect of the strong anti-nausea pill I am required to take in the mornings. Tomorrow is the last one for this cycle so will see if it happens again.
Not so lekker being alone at home tonight. But not too bad. Just cannot go to sleep again now in case I cannot sleep later.

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