Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tests tomorrow

Been living in a bloated world. Some days have been a little better than others, where the bloating is bad but restricted mainly to the tummy area. Other days are hell, where my tummy is like a balloon and the bloating starts from below my boobs.
Today has been a little better.
But spoke to the gastroenterologist the other day, and also confirmed it with the dietician, and am going for two tests tomorrow: lactose intolerance and the small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (or something like that) tomorrow.
Got to be a Milpark Clinic at 7am and got to stop eating and drinking soon.
I am little apprehensive as cannot bear not being able to eat or drink and these tests may take hours - 4 and a half, I was told.
But none are invasive and if I do have small intestinal bacterial problems - which I doubt, as you get skinny cos food isn't absorbed although I suppose there are degrees to it, like all illnesses - the treatment is antibiotics.
After having had a radical hysterectomy now for nothing, am pretty averse to surgery.
Also a little anxious re the lactose test as I know I have a pure lactose intolerance - if I drink milk, I throw up, but have never had a problem when milk changes form, eg love cheese and yoghurt.... so not sure how they are going to work all that out.
Anyway.... I need to sort out this problem. And this is one way of trying.

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