Monday, June 24, 2013

Seeing a new doctor today

Since I last wrote.. sjoe, have been in total despair. The first pill I was prescribed worked 50% - bliss! I felt ok. Not perfect. But ok. It felt manageable. And the effect was instant. That is, woke up on day 2 of treatment and felt like a new person.
Then on the 10th and last day of taking the pills, phoned the doctor. Could I get another script? Want symptoms to go away 100%.
I was told to wait a few days. That was Wednesday. By Friday evening I started feeling shitty. By Tuesday when I phoned I was in hell.
He prescribed something else. It didn't work at all. Yesterday (Sunday) was the last day. Saturday I ended up throwing up in the driveway and had to leave my late shift at work early 'cos I felt so bad. Never done that before.
Phoned today. The doctor is away for a week. Made an appointment for a week's time. Also seeing his replacement at 2.30pm today.
Need a miracle. Hardly going out 'cos stomach is so bad. Well, going to work but I have forgotten what it is like to feel good. Those nine days when the meds kicked in were superb. But I didn't even feel my normal self.
Let's see what this gastroenterologist says....


  1. Oh, this sounds dreadful! I hope you figure out something that works!!

    1. Thanks, Julie. I have been in some despair lately. Not sure what to do. My stomach has been particularly bad this week.