Sunday, February 24, 2013

Delighted to report that I am fine

Survived my week of a battery of tests and am fine.
Saw The Tango Man on Friday and gushed about how grateful I am, how I hero-worship him etc....
He practically hugged me. Well, he put an affectionate arm around me as I left, telling me to go slow on the grappa (I was telling him how I had been away and been drinking loads of bubbly and grappa, but he was thrilled and so was I that although my weight is actually up from its usual, I weighed 2kg less than when I saw him last six months ago).
Anyway, he won't increase the amount of exercise I can do - still only 70% of my heart capacity - and when I told him I went to gym 3-4 X a week, doing 21 minutes of cardio plus other stuff, he thought that was good.
And then, most intriguingly, he disputed my diagnosis of "severely osteopenic" saying that was created by the machine that did the test. He said osteopenic was -1 to - 2.5 and my results were hovering just under 0 (think just one reading was -1.2) and so I am really more borderline osteopenic. I have asked for the results to verify it myself, well, understand it better. They are sending them tomorrow.
I am ectastic that my cancer is at bay. (is that the correct term?)

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