Monday, November 19, 2012

What a silly gal!

Saw The Lymph Lady today and my arm is ok. In fact, pretty much better than last week. So this just shows how neurotic I am.
I have made the state of my arm the benchmark for how I feel about things....
She did, however, measure both arms, and my upper left arm is up about 8mm (so almost 1 cm) compared to my right arm, and bizarrely enough there is almost 1/2cm (4mm to be precise) difference between my two wrists. The other differences were minute but still there....although one of the measurements on my left arm might have been less than my right arm, which is how it should be, as it is my less dominant arm.
So it's not ideal but I don't need to wear a compression sleeve for which I am eternally and overwhelmingly grateful. A happy chappy.

PS: Also saw dietician. Ironically weighed the same as I had when last saw her in July but had lost and gained in the interim. Naughtily bought 90g Christmas cake miniatures but keeping them in the spare room for Christmas time.....Confident weight will go down. Boiling boiling hot here in Joburg at the moment. Over 30 degrees I reckon.


  1. Yay to no compression sleeve! Certainly not the worst thing to have to wear one, but so much better to not need it.

  2. Hi Gillian, could you give me the name of you lymph lady please? I have recently moved to SA from the UK need to have my lymphoedema treated. It seems that there are no specialist practitioners in manual lymphatic drainage massage in Johannesburg, or certainly none that are easily 'findable'.

    1. The person to see in Joburg is Jennifer Blenkinsop. Her details are on
      She is truly outstanding. Her website has her cell number. And she works from three different venues in Joburg.