Monday, July 9, 2012

Tamoxifen, vaccination and anti-malaria tabs

I am scheduled to go to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe next month, flying via Livingstone in Zambia. I am also scheduled to have a yellow fever vaccination for this trip on Saturday, and to get a script for malaria tabs at the same time.
When I spoke to a pharmacist re which type of malaria tabs to take, I asked re tamoxifen and whether this would affect it. She said she doubted it. But thought it best to ask The Tango Man, just in case. Now been googling it and it seems like it could be a problem. Have diarised to phone The Tango Man's rooms tomorrow and find out.
Oy, hope I can still do the trip. Else will go elsewhere. Somewhere local. Might be cheaper too than holidaying on Zimbabwe's US dollar economy....Oh well. Sure it will be fine though.


  1. I have taken anti-malarials with tamox. I've taken all the different options. I think I only asked my onc. about it once; he didn't have a problem with it. I'll be curious what you find out. I'm off tamox now, but always good to know about problems.

  2. What a palaver this is turning out to be. Gonna write a post about it now.