Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ouch! I've broken my toe

Last Thursday I went to the opening of the ballet Giselle with my sister. It was a production featuring two dance companies, South African Ballet Theatre and Mzansi (South Africa) Productions, which are about to amalgamate, as well as dancers from Cuba and Brazil. We loved it.
However, on the way to the theatre from its underground carpark, we walked from one floor to another to reach the escalators which take one to the foyer and so avoid the lifts which take an eternity.
Oh, what a long build-up I am giving, with unnecessary detail, to avoid the obvious: that I fakked up. I was wearing these chic chiffon loose trousers with high wedges. I have worn those trousers before. Well, what I should say is that I have fallen in those trousers before, slipping, and cutting my knee so badly it still hurts when I kneel in yoga.
That first fall I tore the trousers. So what did I do? I went and bought another pair because I like them as they can be both smart and casual, and are ideal for travelling 'cos you can scrunch them up and they don't crease.
Anyway, I have slipped on them a few times again.
Then on Thursday, walking to the escalator, I fell. And I knew straight away that I had broken my toe. It was so sore.
And by the time I came home, I was in agony. I stayed up till 1am icing it, "putting on a show" said The Yoga Man, but it didn't help. Finally I took two Panados and went to bed.
Anyway, the next day, trying to walk around Hyde Park shopping centre, I realised the injury was debilitating. It took forever to get from A to B,
and I was in agony so I phoned and made a doctor's appointment for the next day.
He sent me for an x-ray and lo and behold, it has a fracture. So now I have the toe what is known as "buddy taped" to the adjacent toe (the affected toe is next to the big toe), have to wear closed shoes, and am trying to adjust to my new slowed-down, barely-moving, can't-drive-far-without-it-hurting,non-exercising lifestyle. Quite a change from my usual frenetic one. And although the doctor said I could do yoga, my toe is far too sore and I didn't go tonight. The x-ray was sent to an orthopaedic surgeon and he said I have to go for another one on Friday.

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