Sunday, April 29, 2012

My unstable arm

Cannot believe I have posted only once this month. Not sure why ... but there was one busy week when I was holding the post at work and worked longer hours than usual, then went away last week and didn't do computer stuff and then went away again, for a night, on my return and then this weekend has been hectic - so guess, that's it!
Anyway, toe still broken but healing and can now work more although banned from the treadmill and by implication, the bike and the crosstrainer, for six weeks from day of fracture. Essentially, haven't exercised for two weeks. Feels crazy. No point in going to gym if can't go on equipment so will just exercise at home tomorrow morning and then there is no yoga on Tuesday cos it's Workers Day so....
Be that as it may, my arm is not too good. Last time I saw The Lymph Lady, my arm was the best ever! Too wonderful. It seemed like at last I could consider a breather, maybe cut back on my twice daily manual lymph drainage massage and cut the constant anxieties..
Then I flew to Cape Town, had a manicure which came with a short massage and not sure which of those it was - oh, and have gained 1kg so there's that too - and suddenly it feels like shit. Wearing a compression sleeve but must admit, put it only when got back from gallivanting this morning.
Have to believe it will come right but not so charmed that it's so unstable. Also costs a damn fortune seeing The Lymph Lady. I really like her and we were going to go to a Jeffrey Archer dinner together the other day but then couldn't get tickets, but my medical aid has now lumped her treatments with other allied medical ones, with the result that the fund for that has dried up for the year and at just over R400 a session (actually cannot remember exactly what it costs, could be about R440 or so), it is kinda bankcrupting me. Well not just that, everybody I see... and boy, do I see people. "You outsource!" said The Yoga Man and until now, it's been a case of "why not?" Now my money situation is dire. Cos must have paid out close to R10 000 for medical things in the past six weeks. Oh well. Some of them are a bit indulgent I guess.


  1. Hi Gilian
    I love the little place (retreat) It so reminds me of a place I stayed in Tanzania years ago....
    Hope your toe is better , I recall breaking mine when I dropped a very heavy object couldn't wear shoes for weeks.
    I don't understand why certain things are not covered. Lymphodema thereapy is at least $100.00 per session More than my budget can afford....

    love Alli

    1. Yes my toe is now much better, thanks. Never been to Tanzania.... aah medical bills but I refuse to complain or be resentful because I am so grateful that I have had access to top care.

  2. Hope your arm & toe are both getting better. Wouldn't it be nice to just have to think about the treatments & not have to figure out how or what can be covered? It's like a full-time job sometimes.