Thursday, February 9, 2012

One reason why writing a cancer blog helps

Last night wrote about how terrified I was of the tests. Now, besides the fact that I am convinced my sore neck (from yoga and gym and eminating from a stiff over-exercised shoulder blade area) is probably a cancerous lump, I have overcome the worst of my anxiety - just because I wrote about it.


  1. Hello

    I wanted to ask if you would be willing to help and contribute to my college project. I am a Graphic Design student at The Manchester College, UK and currently looking to start a project relating to the subject of "emotions".

    I have chosen to link up with a cancer charity to produce a book to raise money for them. The book will be based around emotions cancer patients feel throughout the notification to the treatment process. Whilst I appreciate this is a sensitive issue, my intention is to produce work that offers a positive message that will help raise awareness.

    What I am looking for are stories, anecdotes, memories anything that channels emotions. This will be purely confidential yet I am happy to include acknowledgements should you wish.

    Please contact me for further information, many thanks for reading.

    lisa at hotmail dot co dot uk

  2. Am willing to contribute. Will email you.