Thursday, September 8, 2011

Damn the doctor

Had a Z-sampler test on Monday. It tests for endometrial cancer, cancer of the uterus, which can be caused by the tamoxifen tablets I am on. The stats for tamoxifen preventing breast cancer returning are far higher than the chances of contacting endometrial cancer, so for me it wasn't an option, although I know there are women who won't take tamoxifen.
Anyway, the test is ghastly. According to the doctor, and his assistant, some women find it unbearably sore; others don't. I am one of those who do. It is like a pap smear X 50 although this time there wasn't prolonged pain afterwards, even though it did hurt a little the next day. And it bled a little, even the next day. Oh, and the doctor said that next time I can take Voltaren suppositories to numb the abdominal area, and I willingly took the script for it because I can still drive myself there and back; I just won't feel the intense pain. (I have the test every six months.)
However, was super pissed off that the doctor didn't phone me with the results. I had to phone him today, which I did, and I know he phones back at the end of the day. At 4.50pm I realised he hadn't phoned so I phoned again, only to be told he was busy - but still there. By 6pm I got the answering machine. So I phoned the emergency number, thinking: for me this is an emergency. I have had cancer. I need to know I am ok. If I am not ok, I also need to know. I thought: if he is cross with me for abusing the emergency number, f.. him. For me it is an emergency.
He didn't phone back.

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