Monday, April 4, 2011

Yahoo! happy to report that all is well!

Am totally delighted that the colonoscopy went off well and I am fine. No polyps, nothing. At first he said come back in 10 years - then he checked my file and saw I have a family history and said, Ok, 5 years's time.
Delighted. And as delighted to be able to eat what I want. Now nibbling Woolworths's low-fat prawn cocktail. Delicious!! Just doctored it with a strong chilli sauce and worcestor sauce. Oh and lost 2kg since Thursday but am busy putting it back on... eating what I want today. Wore a special bright pink band on my left arm (which The Lymph Lady gave me) warning of Lymphedema and no blood pressure, IV, etc on that hand but all was fine.

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  1. Yea!! Very happy all is fine. And glad you're having a little treat after all that - enjoy!