Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eating and sleeping - or not

I don't sleep much. Don't have a sleeping problem. Just tend to go to bed at midnight or 1am, and then wake up at 6.10am or 6.30am or sometimes only at 7am to do manual lymph drainage massage for my high risk/borderline lymphedema. So that gives me about five or six hours sleep. All fine.
Until last Thursday. Cannot remember what time I went to sleep but think it might have been very late, then woke up early to go to a work breakfast. Now the function was at a top 5 star hotel but the food was really crap - and yet I didn't stop eating: yucky processed-type cheese slices, a cheesy mini-quiche, mediocre to awful spanikopitas and cannot remember what else. Then I didn't stop the entire day, starting off with the miniature chocolate Easter bunnies in the press pack.
I gained a kilo. Then Saturday was equally exhausted as woke up early to do lymph massage before leaving early for the airport to fly to Cape Town. Then again didn't stop eating 'cos was soooo tired. Now my weight is up 1.6kg. Not happy. Hope I have lost some today. Now I know: I need about six hours sleep and if I have less than five, I overeat like crazy and cannot afford to do that, not with my arm being so sensitive to weight gain.

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