Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my three month check-up tomorrow

Had a fabulous holiday in Cape Town. Really enjoyed myself, going out with my dad a lot, eating at Overture in Stellenbosch which was quite an experience with its magnificent view of a "hidden valley", as the name of the farm describes; going to Maynardville open air theatre in Wynberg (why are there no pictures on their website???) to see a brilliant production of The Taming of the Shrew) and just generally having a good time. Oh, also went to The Duchess of Wisbeach (hell, they don't even seem to have their own website) which is oh-so-funky and oh-so-trendy and oh-so-f..-irritating for not having a portable credit card machine... and  discovered (my dad's recommendation) the oh-so-fabulous Sotano in Mouille Point.
Anyway, part of the reason for this build-up is that I spend far too much time moaning on this blog, guess it's my outlet to do so, and I do not want anyone reading this to think I am just a misery who lives in a state of anxiety. For I do not.
Yes, I am anxious about my three-monthly check-up tomorrow. Yes, I am not charmed that my arm was up in a million places on Monday. Yes, am pissed off with myself that I gained 1.2kg on holiday - if I haven't lost it by tomorrow morning will be furious but then guess that the two bars of Chilli Lindt I just had won't do much to further that aim...And yes, not charmed that had swollen glands in my neck since Saturday although I think they might have disappeared today...
Anyway, things are ok. Sure will lose weight, sure my arm will get back to normal and just praying that all is well tomorrow.

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