Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today is two years

Today is two years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the lymph. Two nodes. Four chemos, radiation, 17 treatments of herceptin and now on tamoxifen. And fine..... Got annual Mammogram and ultrasound on wednesday - and so nervous that brought it forward by a few days cos can't bear the tension, keep thinking: if the result is bad, if the cancer is back, I'm doomed cos 90% of my treatment has been preventative - chemo took cancer away 100% - but meanwhile, got other things on my mind. Lol!!! Woke up covered in bumps. Been to doctor, been for blood tests - might have german measles! Hilarious!

PS: Watch this video. First watched it on Daria's  blog


  1. Oh no on the measles!! But big yea on 2 years! The hard thing about the tests is that we know that sometimes results are bad - we really know. Can't really unlearn that lesson. Nothing to do but go forward. But 2 yrs is a big deal; I'm glad.

  2. Thanks for that. Never thought two years was a big deal. Was so determined, so sure I would be fine. However, am super nervous re scan. And damn annoyed that have gone from tick bite fever (still not 100% healed) to this rash which is getting itchier by the minute. Oh well... Funny, if it wasn't for this blog, not sure I would remember the date but I see it ever time I log on. Saw the doctor today who had seen me the day I found the lump (which turned out to be a cancerous lymph node). I had gone to my GP. I don't think he remembered it. In fact, it was pretty clear he was clueless about it when I mentioned it. Yet I remember that moment, that encounter, so well as I am damn sure he knew it was not ok and that was why he did not charge me..... bizarre that...the not cost nearly R500. But I was there for ages as he checked everything......