Monday, January 17, 2011

phew!! it's not german measles

Got blood test results today. But doctor took so long to contact me (I phoned and left a message at about 2pm; he phoned me after 5pm) that I could not decide if it was good news or not. Anyway, it is good news.
I don't have rubella (german measles) and in fact have antibodies against it in my body. Not sure how that happened as cannot remember being immunised against it.
Then my full blood count was fine so my immune system is fine.
However, my IGE or Immunoglobulin is raised: 39.2 where normal is 22 so my bumps are an allergy and I must keep taking the anti-histamine as needed. Oy, just been reading stuff online about link between breast cancer and raised IGE levels but not going to think about that, especially since internet research on medical issues is super risky.
PS: Just went to that great authoritative cancer site, The American  Cancer Society and feeling relieved. I have an allergy and that is that. Three years ago, on New Year's Eve in December 28, I also got an inexplicable rash that was so severe I had to have a cortisone injection. Was hyped up now cos that was just before I was diagnosed with cancer... (I found the lump on the morning of Christmas Eve that year), but hell, it is just a co-incidence. Did not get that rash then cos had cancer; The Tango Man said the cancer had been in my body for 6 to 9 months by the time I felt the lump.

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