Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rather Rattled

Apart from the fact that I was playing with the layout and colours of this blog last night and have now messed it up big time, which is annoying me no end, I am getting rather peeved with being told I am a hypochondriac.
It's the damn tick bite fever, you see. It is not getting better. Well, it's better but not gone, and have inconsistent sharp, burning pains in spots on my head, on the side just above where the tick bit me behind my ear.
Now I am not imagining this pain. And considering I have been on two sets of antibiotics, twice (had to get more meds when I was in Lesotho as the pain got so bad), surely something is wrong? Surely the antibiotics are strong enough to wipe out whatever infection is there?
I also get so angry when told I am a hypochondriac, that I am over-reacting kind of thing, 'cos when I think back to when I first found the lump, almost two years ago in fact - sjoe, can hardly believe that - well, if I had decided that I had had a mammogram and scan barely two months before and so decided to ignore it, instead of going to see the doctor the same day, well, I hate to think about what would have happened. I would most probably have been riddled with cancer.
So I happen to think it's a good thing that I am so body-aware, and that I act on things, instead of pretending they don't exist.

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