Tuesday, December 14, 2010

survived day 1 of the compression sleeve

Well I wore the sleeve today and wasn't so bad. But now in a hassle about what to wear tomorrow. It's my sister's birthday and she's having a lunch and would like to look nice but on Thursday it's the work party (well, a braai in the office cos the other official party was apparently awful) and I don't have enough long sleeved cotton tops to wear...... have resisted buying more than the few that I do have because do not want to prepare for wearing a compression sleeve. It must always just be temporary.....but what am I going to wear tomorrow?
Meanwhile my head is super sore tonight. Burning.... and The Yoga Man was laughing about how I can barely walk to the kitchen - really??? - and I was talking about going back to gym on Friday.
Well, I am not going to gym on Friday anymore cos the biokineticist thought it was crazy considering all the pills I am on (despite the doctor saying I could gym from Thursday), and so instead of deciding on Thursday as planned, I have cancelled Friday's session too.
But it is kinda worrying that my tick bite fever is still so prevalent - is that correct English? - because the longer I have the infection, the longer I cannot do lymph massage and the longer I will have to wear the compression sleeve. Go away, infection, go away!!!  Well, the lymph nodes are a little down.... quite a little down, in fact. Now bugger off, you damn infection, away, damn spot, away... or whatever that quote from the Scottish play is....

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