Tuesday, December 14, 2010

back to the compression sleeve - just in time for summer festivities

Have not done manual lymph drainage massage since last Tuesday when realised that my lymph nodes in my neck were enlarged and had that emergency scan. Then on Thursday was diagnosed with tick bite fever and then today, on a repeat visit to the doctor, with infected tick bites, ie, a secondary infection.
But was nevertheless still horrified when saw The Lymph Lady today and she declined to do the massage but took one look at my arm, measured the affected arm above the elbow and then did the same on the other arm, and the bad arm was one and a half cm more. Bad arm, damn bad arm.
Anyway the shocking part was that I cannot do the lymph massage, but I can wear the compression sleeve. So I start tomorrow. I cannot believe this - just in time for the summer holidays. Don't think it has sunk in yet. So praying that my lymph nodes in my neck go down soon, and the infection clears up. On another antibiotic now, an additional one, that is.


  1. Hopefully, this will just be a short time. It's not surprising with the infection & nodes swollen - but damn disappointing, I'm sure. Sorry - do hope it goes quickly.

  2. Thanks. I was devastated but survived today and somehow it wasn't that bad.