Sunday, December 19, 2010

seeing the lymph lady tomorrow

Seeing The Lymph Lady tomorrow and praying that I won't have to wear the sleeve anymore.
Might be wishful thinking but got The Yoga Man to measure my arm above the elbow today - both arms in the same place - and it seemed, although he is obviously not as accurate a measurer as The Lymph Lady, that my left arm was only 5mm, or just under 5mm, more than my right arm.
Oy, I hope so cos I am finding it pretty tough with a compression sleeve especially in this heat. Cooler now so ok but waiting patiently till 10pm to take it up. Well, not being patient at all. Waiting impatiently. The Lymph Lady said most people go to bed way before I do, so I can take it off at 10pm. And I do - wherever I am!!

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