Saturday, December 18, 2010

going crazy

Cos of the infection from the tick bite fever, have not been able to do the manual lymph drainage and was told to wear the compression sleeve instead. Well, it is driving me crazy.
I am so damn hot. Sitting at work now - almost 11pm on a Saturday night but doing the late shift, a six-weekly occurrence - and I am boiling. Plus it's itchy.
Am wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt with a cotton knit with loose sleeves over it but I cannot bear this heat. Didn't realise that the tamoxifen affects my temperature so much, cos always dress so coolly.
This is a bloody nightmare. Wearing this sleeve has put me in a foul mood and made me uncomfortable all day.
Think it's gonna change my life if I have to wear it fulltime. That is what I am terrified of. It's the middle of summer and what am I going to do, even if I have to wear it for a month or two while my arm settles down. Am frantic. Sleeve feels very tight, especially above the elbow (but maybe that is also cos am working on the computer and driving and ... so bending my elbow a lot, making it hurt), and when I take it off at night, it feels awfully thick.
Started doing lymph massage again this morning. Am so much better and pills end tomorrow anyway.

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