Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"he is not one bit worried"

Got a call from the oncology centre today. Not unexpected, considering I had a scan yesterday.
"He (The Tango Man) is not one bit worried," the main nurse Joyce said. "Yes, but the lumps (in my neck) are getting bigger, you can now see one or two just by looking and....." I responded.
"You could just see them yesterday too," she said.
"Anyway, he said I must tell you that he is not one bit worried."
And by implication, she was saying: don't worry either.
He said he knew you would be ok, she said. And then I realised he would not have left the centre before getting the report if he was concerned about my scan.
But I only found out this morning from my biokineticist that the big lump at the back of my head is probably also a swollen lymph gland, and that wasn't examined or scanned.
And my lumps are getting bigger all the time. Could feel them when I put cream on my neck this morning. And the ones on my head and the back of my neck make me feel slightly nauseous at times, at other times they burn. I wonder where the infection is that they are reacting to. I wonder if my haircut/highlights caused it. The Tango Man did say that anything can set this off - and mentioned a haircut. (He could see my hair was different.)
But again today Joyce said he thinks it was caused from The Lymph Lady's lymph drainage massages. I wonder if he knows that I also do it for about an hour a day. Every day, except for Fridays when I only do it for about 30 minutes. Mmm.... gonna phone the centre tomorrow to find out what I can do re this discomfort and burning.Wouldn't want it to last for weeks.

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