Monday, November 8, 2010

Arm ok

Sjoe! What a relief! Saw The Lymph Lady now and my arm is up 2mm in one place. So it's ok.

Now The Yoga Man is going to measure my arm to get a base measurement - The Lymph Lady showed me how (this was his suggestion during my anxiety last night, but based on an original idea of hers) - and then if I hit nervous breakdown stakes, he can measure.

It appears that the flabbiness caused by not using the arm - to help prevent lymphedema - is making the arm look and feel heavier.

I am relieved but find these stressful moments are awful. Now I am a little annoyed with myself for becoming so anxious.


  1. I got myself so worked up about it. I still think my arm looks and feels awful but I know it's not. After today's appointment I cancelled my appointment for next week, thinking every two weeks is ok, but later today realised that until I can be calm about it, I need to go weekly. It's worth the money, although it is becoming a very expensive enterprise. But then it is my arm and my health and medical aid pays most of it back but I do have to pay upfront at each visit.