Monday, October 4, 2010

my weight

Went to the dietician again today. Even though did not have a satisfactory weekend eating-wise (ie, I ate too much), I was down a kilogram from September 13 although up 1.2kg from Saturday morning on my scale.
Have cut down my eating radically - breakfast and lunch still the same - one slice of rye bread with a protein, and a fruit, for breakfast; and a home-made salad and a fruit for lunch - I have been eating salads only in restaurants, and steamed veggies as per usual at home, but with minimal protein.
It feels great to have lost some weight - am down 2kg, well, that's presuming I will have lost the weekend weight today.
Interesting that The Tango Man told me I would lose weight - said I would get thinner, not thin, and he was sure I would lose the 2kg I had gained in the last few months.
What he didn't say was that I would have to diet stringently to do so but am beginning to think it's the herceptin. The dietician said that her patients have gained weight from herceptin, so it kinda makes sense that now I am no longer on it, the weight is falling off a little. I cannot remember if she said weight gain is stated as a side-effect of herceptin or not but just went to herceptin website and could not find it.
I am so desperate to lose weight cos I was already fat when I was diagnosed - then when I went on tamoxifen, was told I would gain 5% of my body weight and I did, despite running to the dietician the minute I gained over a kilogram.
Then it is said - but not the oncologist surprisingly - that if you're thinner, you have less chance of the cancer returning.
And for me, the big pressing need is my arm and the threat of lymphedema following radiation. The thinner I am, the better my arm is. Today my arm was up 2mm in two places, one surprisingly below the elbow, and it doesn't feel great at all but so far, no compression sleeve again. Seeing The Lymph Lady again next Monday.

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