Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feels like years since I have written...

Sjoe! Feels like years since I have written but it's only two weeks. Been busy. Went away after my last post - a week's holiday in Cape Town - then came back and worked like an absolute dog, writing travel stories and working super hard cos my boss was away. But cannot complain as he did my work while I was away for three weeks recently (two weeks in Monaco and French Riviera to do a travel piece for work, then Cape Town for holiday...). Anyway, started to realise that work can be like a drug. On Saturday, before 8am, I had already sms-ed two contributors, changing things for this week. Then had to force myself to relax. Luckily, that wasn't too hard! Lol!!
Then went away this weekend. Well, only for one night to Valley Lodge in Magaliesburg, where the Portuguese team is staying for the World Cup 2010 - although not without controversy read article. Was fabulous. Then ate at Forum Homini today, which was supposed to be sensational but wasn't the best. They have this ridiculous 6 course tasting menu and hell, my friend said after a while: "This is getting tedious" and we were happy when it came to an end and we could leave. Two courses were really nice - mushroom soup and the springbok (each portion is really tiny) but the rest... and it was annoying that,as it's a set menu, you need to state beforehand what you eat and don't eat. I did so on the phone and said my friend does not eat meat, but eats fish although no shellfish. When I arrived today, saw the eating preferences next to my booking. But that's where it stopped. They kept asking my friend: "So you don't eat chicken?" and "Calamari?" to which we said no but they still brought a salmon dish with calamari. They seemed totally unprepared for these preferences and I found the fact they were flummoxed slightly annoying. Well, pretty annoying: why pretend you can cater for different preferences when you cannot? And my best moment was when one of the restaurant managers seemed surprised when we said foie gras was meat. "It's not meat!" he said. "It's liver!" I said. "But we just use the oil," he said, as if that was therefore irrelevant. Phuleeeze!!
Anyway, the meal with tip cost about the price of a bottle of perfume but knew about that beforehand, wanted to go and not sorry I experienced that.
So guess if I am writing about all this, then it means I am ok.
Yes I am I guess. Have vacillating bad taste in my mouth but it seems to be getting better. That is from the herceptin. Still often concerned re my arm (am at high risk for lymphedema following radiation for breast cancer)which hurts a little but does not seem swollen, except for maybe at the elbow a little, and not so happy re my weight which is a little up (thanks to the tamoxifen too....).
But otherwise very well. Feel energetic - want to move and do things and find sitting at my desk at work pretty confining after walking so much when I was overseas.

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