Saturday, March 13, 2010

to go to chat rooms or not

One book I read said that cancer chatrooms were a bad idea. I am divided. A discussion like this one, herceptin side-effects forum, on which is reputable site, as well as others on the definative site the american cancer society site are helpful but to use a Yiddish expression, they can "drei your kop" which means something along the lines of 'drive you demented'.
That said, the one above on herceptin side effects is very helpful. About two people also report bad taste in the mouth as a side-effect - although I had it only once, one and off for about two weeks though - and many sore muscles in their legs and muscle spasms - I have had three but one was soooooo bad, my calf muscle was still sore for about two days afterwards.

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  1. HEREPTIN is not the miracle drug they say it is. The side effects can be more harmful to the body. It is proven that Herceptin can cause heart failure. However Herceptin can cause severe lung issues two or three years alter. It does cause pulmonary fibrosis and other lung diseases that cannot be reversed. If you have a severe cough and find it hard to breathe it may not be your heart but rather your lungs. If you have these symptoms please see a pulmonary doctor. Interstitial pnuemonia can be detected by a lung biopsy. In some cases it can be life threating. You may reach me Marci at