Sunday, March 7, 2010

cancer awareness day

Saw a guy with bright blue hair yesterday and someone said it was the equivalent of shaving your hair off for the shavathon, the cancer awareness thing which I have been criticised - just by a friend - for not supporting. Know very little about how it works but cannot see the point.
Now someone just told me it was cancer awareness day yesterday, arranged by the SA Cancer Association, and they had a shavathon and this spray-your-hair-any-colour thing in Rosebank. Mmm.. I didn't even know. Wasn't in Rosebank yesterday so didn't just come across it. Was at oncology centre on Monday and there was nothing there but guess it's aimed at the general public. Hmmm...don't think they are doing a good job of raising awareness then.

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  1. I don't know how it is in SA, but here, in Portugal, the awereness is always on high.
    Not just on cancer (every tupe of cancer), but also on HIV/Aids, glaucoma (tomorrow is World Glaucoma Day), rheumatoid arthritis (terrible disease!) and so on.
    The problem is that people - people disease-free - tend to ignore because «bad things only happen to other people».