Thursday, January 14, 2010

saved from the sleeve

There is a God. My arm has gone back to normal. Apparently it went up more than 1cm in some places. Now it's down again. I lost 2kg and did massive amounts of massage although today was told not to do the manual lymph massage if you are sickly!! I had no idea.
Anyway, am talking in circles.
Apparently my arm went up cos I was sickening. On Monday The Lymph Lady asked me if I felt sickly, if I was sickening for something, and I said no I felt fine, just miserable.
Well, by the next day I was ill - and apparently that caused my arm to swell. Cos the lymph is not working properly. But then it went down. Plus I lost 2kg - combination of the stomach bug which plagued me and during which I did not eat, plus making a major effort to eat minimally.
I had come to terms with the idea of wearing a compression sleeve cos convinced myself it would not be permanent. Well, today The Lymph Lady told me that once you have lymphedema, you have to wear the sleeve - always. "You can take it off if you go to a wedding," she said. But that is it. So I have to do everything I can to ensure that I don't wear one. I don't want to be permanently disabled in that way.
So I am still back to high-risk. The Lymph Lady says that the latest study is that anyone at high risk should wear the compression sleeve all the time but:
1) the test for body composition to determine your risk is not available in South Africa, and
2) the final results of the study are not yet available.
Think there was a third reason why I don't need to wear one but cannot remember it.
Anyway, she said I should still go see her assistant - have an appointment once a week while The Lymph Lady is in Kenya on holiday - so off to the sticks I go!! Well, not quite 'the sticks' but pretty far away from where I am. But guess that's not the issue.
I was sooooo chuffed today. Felt my determination had helped. Now not so sure but still glad and still eating minimably to bring down my weight and so, too, the possibility of swelling.

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