Monday, January 4, 2010

A little bit of extra puffiness

This is no big deal but saw The Lymph Lady today who pointed out that I am now slightly puffy in what The Yoga Man says is the armpit chest - essentially the side of the chest between the armpit and the boob. Not anxious just thought it was worth noting. Told her my fingers have been stiff again, very stiff, and my arm a little sore and The Lymph Lady said it should improve now that I am back at regular exercise.
You see, I go to this private gym and it closed a lot over the festive season. The biokineticist said she'd heard (from the bio interns) that I had been there a lot over the holiday period. Lol! Not a lot but did go and also exercised at home as well, at least once.
Find it frustrating when they are closed and it's a public holiday and I have so much free time and my hamstrings are tight from lack of exercise but really it's a great gym and have no intention of changing it.
Booked my muga scan today. (Btw, posting this from my phone and don't know how to change paragraphs.) Anyway, had a muga scan before I started chemo a year ago - feels like an eternity ago - as a base test. Essentially all the treatment I have had and am having - the chemo, radiation and Herceptin - can affect the heart and cos of the cumulative effect of all this, they need to monitor your heart. The muga scan measures the rate at which your heart emits and it is done at a nuclear medicine department, I had mine done at Morningside Clinic in Sandton. Well, I am hardly an athlete but was pretty fit when I had it last year, pre-treatment and all that and gyming for an hour and 25 minutes 4X a week. My rate was in the 70s. Wonder what it will be like now. Hope my heart is ok but the head nurse at the oncology centre said if my heart was affected, would feel tired. The bio says I would not know. Oy... I do find the exercises I do at gym quite strenuous. Not the cardio - only allowed to do 15 minutes cos of the heart threat and not allowed to get out of breath - but the rest. Went today, and loved it. Did 40 minutes. Good night. Tired now but night get up early to go to gym again tomorrow.

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