Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Down 1.2kg

Down 1.2kg so feeling better on that level. Now weighing what I weighed on Friday. Then weight crept up 0.2kg by saturday then 0.9kg by Monday. Hopefully this will affect my arm and it will have gone down in size, And this is not wishful thinking. Lose weight and arm goes down but if have lymphoedema , if lymphoedema has kicked in rather than just having slight swelling and being at high risk for it, then in Shit, In denial that might need a sleeve. But glad I shook that sudden excess off. Will continue to eat minimal again today. Eating but mostly plant like the dietician said whom I went to see months ago when my weight started creeping up from the tamoxifen. Now its 6.30am and time to do my lymph massage, an extended one as per instruction of The Lymph Lady. Aiming for 30 minutes.

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