Monday, January 11, 2010

Dire news from the lymph lady

Arrived at The Lymph Lady today feeling pretty miserable. I am tired of not feeling well, I said. Two of my fingers are slightly swollen and sore and my hand and arm are are. Plus when I got on the scale this morning I was up 0.9kg from yesterday. Now I know I ate a lot yesterday, went out for lunch and ate some garlic bread and some custard and so on. But 0.9kg in one day? That would make it 3kg I have gained in the last two months. Must be the damn tamoxifen. Then, as usual, she started measuring my arm. I don't want to add to your miserable day, she said, but..... And damn it all, but my arm was up everywhere, except for my wrist, by about half a cm. A sudden huge swelling, Is it the mosquito bite at my elbow? Is the 0.9kg due to water retention, from the Lymph/tamoxifen? Either way she declared I need to get a compression sleeve, with the hand/glove-like part, and wear it all day every day. Up the lymph massage - just did 45 min - plus where possible do it 3X a day. Get a friend to measure my arm and if not down by Wednesday, to get the sleeve which costs about R1500 she said, when I started crying, In the end it was decided I would leave everything till Thursday - after which she leaves the country for 3 weeks holiday in Kenya. Now starving myself hoping it will bring it down - it does help a lot - had a few steamed veggies for supper plus some roasted tomatoes - and praying, trying to imagine what it will be like to be disfigured with this sleeve. I cannot believe I will need it.

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