Wednesday, October 7, 2009

think it's about being assertive

I have been thinking about what i just wrote. Don't think it's anger. Might be something allied to it but it's not anger. It's not deep inside but linked to situations. And basically I have become more assertive. More 'fak you'. No time, no energy for bullshit. Or niceties.
Mmmm... dunno I am describing it properly. But I care less than ever what people think and say more and more what I think. Eg telling Shanthini and Nicky that they are silly to work way beyond their prearranged time slots. "What can we do?" says Shanthini. "Schedule an appointment for 6.30pm. That way you have to leave at 6pm,"I said. "We are all prepared to work late when necessary but if you are constantly working later then there is something wrong."
And the truth is that I am unimpressed with their lack of assertiveness. With how they allow themselves to be walked over. "OH, we are both going to get divorced," said Shanthini flippantly - she is madly in love and only just got married so the comment was a joke.
What is worrying, however, is why I care. But went down to where they work to collect my free movie tickets (we get two tickets each month at work cos the company owns the distribution company, such a brilliant one that they still cannot work out who works in which section when things change and so send tickets to people's former work sections), saw them working and commented. I should just shut up I guess. Would not be blogging this if not trying to explain how i have changed.

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  1. Hi there! Hope all is well with you. I stumbled on your blog while reading about breast cancer. Im a grocery clerk and in my store we ask for donations, I never thought about it much while asking for donations and getting the rude and sour treatment but I did it because it is required to do so. Until yesterday a lady came into my line and she told me she was a survivor and it changed me, something triggered, i will now ask not because it was required to do so but because I want to contribute to making a difference and I want to.