Monday, September 28, 2009


Decided on Saturday night - while at an amazing music concert watching this amazing band from niger called etran finatawa - that i was going to become a drug addict. Willingly. What I meant was that I could not take the pain - of my arm, in fact, then it was my fingers. I spent almost the whole day - while running around having fun - manipulating the fingers of my left hand. Cos they hurt. And my left arm was swollen. Where the muscles are - above the elbow on the side and below the elbow on top. Somehow, it went away. Massaged like hell, doing the manual lymph massage which i do twice a day anyway, just did it for even longer. Still swollen in front of the elbow but the pain has gone, and the swelling still seems minor so not hassled anymore. And not about to become a drug addict after all! Seein the lymph expert on Wednesday again.
Oh and interestingly enough, still itchy below my neck where I had radiation. Wonder if and when it will go away.

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