Tuesday, August 25, 2009

swellling is up

Was chirping along today, feeling really good, happy that I am dealing with things and can cut down the visits to the therapist when ... wam! Went to see the Lymph Lady and my swelling was up. My arm was more swollen in three places I think it was, most of all in the upper arm (1/2cm). And my left bra strap is digging into me, which it usually doesn't, so I am guessing my shoulder is puffy too. Dunno.
Plus she said I was kinda pink where I am sore. So phoned the radiation oncologist today and left a message. In retrospect, don't think I left a very clear message. But my underarm is burny tonight, post yoga - which was fab!!
The Lymph Lady said the increased swelling is likely to be due to the herceptin I had yesterday. She keeps referring to it as chemo and when I say: "but it isn't!" she insists it is, a chemical therapy.
Well just praying the swelling goes down - and that the pain goes. Not ideal although luckily found in yoga tonight that my mobility of my left arm is far better than i anticipated. Only once I could not put my arms somewhere (now cannot remember which pose it was). Think it was straightening arms and putting them back.
Gosh but remember the daily radiation..... sjoe but it can lead to complications!!!

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