Monday, August 17, 2009

an aside: the hidden side-effect

When I had chemo, I knew my hair was falling out. But what I did not realise, until the hair was growing back and most of the side-effects subsided, was that the chemo had also had another, somewhat hidden, effect.
It had removed all the unseen hair and blemishes, such as the light facial hair on the sides of my face, and the little red mark on the left side of my nose which my dermatologist had told me could be removed with a beautician's laser treatment.
Hell, now that it's back, I have actually been enquiring about laser treatment, albeit it without urgency.
Think that absence of all hair and blemishes merely added to that ill look I had while on chemo.
Oh well, now today still battling with swelling from the radiation. And got bitten by something on my vulnerable arm, dabbed it with surgical swap, added batroban antiseptic cream... and now off to get more to try to bring down the swelling that tiny unknown creature has caused.

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