Friday, August 21, 2009

after radiation

It's about two months, maybe three?, since I completed my five weeks of radiation for breast cancer.
At the time, it had barely any impact. Not even on my skin initially. "It's your healthiness (sic)," said the radiation oncologist, a non-existence word (I think) which I now love to quote.
Well, two months or whatever it is down the line, the burn marks that did appear below my neck have disappeared but it's still damn itchy there. And even as I sit and write this, on a Friday evening, I have thick white E45 cream on the area (ok, at home, so no-one can see). I did use a cortisone-acqueous cream mix but apparently it thins the skin so doctor would not prescribe any more.
And worse than that, am in pain. Not all the time, but often and it's fairly extreme. Well, it's sore. Under my arm, above my boob, below my upper arm.... and so on.
None at the moment so it's difficult to remember where exactly.
Anyway have decided the only thing to do is to exercise twice a day, 10 minutes a time. I had to beg the radiation practice for those exercises (they are supposed to be post-operative exercises and I did not have any surgery) but need to do them if don't want to have restricted movement. Or so I say, and so do some websites.
The trouble has been that the radiation also caused swelling - funny that I did not mention that earlier in this posting cos it's damn serious - but luckily that is now under control although I am doing lymph drainage massage twice a day, for about 30 minutes a time, plus seeing an expert for it once a week, and it's do time consuming that have not had time to do arm and shoulder exercises, or write much on this blog.
But not complaining. Hell, the massage has become part of my life. Hopefully not forever though. And, as I said earlier, have to now add 10 to it in the morning and night and surely that cannot be too difficult. Ten minutes is after all only 10 minutes, even if it does mean i now have to wake up at 6.20am and not 6.30am on the days I have biokinetics.

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