Thursday, June 4, 2009

i want, I vant, a vant, avant car guard

avant car guard - from their website - these are the ones i don't like but cannot source images of what i do like

Went to avant car guard who they are , and what they create - these i don't like launch tonight. Had heard so much about them, and you know what, really liked their stuff, if not all of it. But liked the video and the untitled work with all the writing and lots of fucks. Give me R7400 and I'll buy it.
What was also interesting was you had to buy for your own booze and even (mineral) water at Brodie/Stevenson gallery - ok it was dirt cheap - the bucks going to some artist travel fund or some such; and the people - from when I was there, mostly 30 to 40-something intellectuals, rather than the 20-something the artists themselves are (or so I believe). Maybe they arrived later.
Oh this is a good article on them, even if it is written by the sister of the gallery owner..... tsssk!! eina!!!good article on avant car guard and their new exhibition

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