Monday, June 15, 2009

had forgotten about it

Noticed something this morning I had not seen in months. In fact, it's not something which has ever played any significance in my life. But there I was, having a quick stare into the mirror wondering how long it would take before I could go hatless and just have a short cropped look, when I spotted it: light, blondish facial hair on the sides of my cheek. It must have gone away with the chemo, and has now returned. Welcome.
Later this morning, however, felt less cheerful when become suddenly, irrationally irritable. At nothing or no-one. There was nobody at work anyway as few work on Mondays. Just irritable. Felt like going home and sleeping. Later, much later, as in a few hours later at lunchtime, I started feeling better. Now could even go out for supper although am happily ensconced in front of the heater ..... with half pajamas on, so can always whizz back into proper clothes should the invite occur...
All this makes me pretty sure it was the radiation. Remember the doctor saying: "We usually advise our patients who work to come for the last appointment of the day so they can go home and sleep afterwards". I did (take the last appointment), for the first week or so but then leaving the office at 3.30pm to be there for their last daily appointment at 4pm became a bind and one, which then, was unneccessary. Now have four radiation sessions left..... and not sure can change it as tried to make Wednesday's one earlier and couldn't. Well, at least the irritability faded and maybe the nature of what I had to do to work had something to do with it.

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