Sunday, May 3, 2009

crucial week ahead

This is the week when I am going to know what treatment is next on the list.
On Tuesday have to go for blood tests. They include liver function, although not quite sure why (someone who has been through breast cancer said cos the chemo can affect the liver, or something along that line). Then have to have a scan of the left breast and the left lymph node area.

Then need to wait for the blood test results which are not all immediate so two days later, see The Tango Man oncologist and The Composer surgeon.

If need chemo, then The Tango Man said have to have it the next day ie Friday although he said was sure the scans would be ok (I did not probe what that meant). But he was saying was that he did not think I needed more chemo.

And although The Tango Man said if my MRI scan was negative (for a tumour in the breast), which it was, I might not need surgery he is sending me to a surgeon, the one I have already seen twice and who had previously said "operate!" so would he really change his mind now?

Oy ya yoy.......

On a lighter note there were quite a number of Mexicans at this lunch party today. Did not realise that there was a Mexican community in South Africa although one of them said it was not big. Oh my goodness, with swine flu Mexicans have now become the new Nigerians... although the truth is they probably have not been there for a while but when u are immune compromised due to chemo, your ears prick up when someone talks about their Italian brother-in-law who travels a lot and who is in hospital while they work out what's causing his high temperature.. and you start thinking, how close has this lady been to her brother-in-law and how close have I been sitting to her? Lol... you can drive yourself crazy.

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