Saturday, April 4, 2009

this is an unusual saturday morning

Cannot remember what I did on my other **immune compromised Saturday mornings, but this one feels strange. Ok, got up early to do feet up against the wall, the yoga cure-all which I have now been convinced will boost my immune system, and then did 20 minutes of my low-energy exercises. So a 40 minute start like that to the day was great and had the same effect gym used to have: being alone and just focusing on what I am doing. (Oh banned from gym for now cos the treatment I am having plus what I will be having can affect the heart; hence the biokineticist-designed low energy exercises.)
Now should be reading but am sitting on the couch writing this and then gonna play word games on facebook - lexulous, wordscraper and scrabble. Am appalling at all of them but enjoy it so much.
Had the yellow gunge in my mouth for the oral thrush so waiting a bit for it to enter all the crevices before I drink something (am damn thirsty) but really my mouth feels so much better this morning. Maybe it was the burny biryani last night that cured it all.
Now I just need to work on my sleeping patterns. Went to bed at about 11 and was up at .. oh gosh, now cannot remember but think it was 2-ish, 3-ish, 4 and then after 5.
But somehow it was not so hectic. Lots of dreams but did not wake up feeling wrecked. Getting used to this snatched sleep.

**cos of chemo, not allowed out to public places, except work, on days 7-14 after treatment

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