Saturday, April 4, 2009

ended up an eventful saturday

After a really lazy day, banished from the birthday party cos of my compromised immune system, the action hotted up. The Yoga Man arrived back from the party with two friends in tow. As everyone had walked to the nearby party, I offered to drive the two back to their house. There The Yoga Man went to inspect the pool and, walking down these large steps into the garden below the house, decided to take a jump.
Well, he fell against something - too dark to see - and we ended up at Milpark Hospital where he had an anti-tetanus injection and stitches. And no, no idea how many as he did not ask, not having had stitches before and not realising that that is an essential bit of info one needs for post-incident discussion.
And of course, being prone to catching illnesses, I had to sit in the car rather than be a supportive friend and so listened to John Le Carre's Mission Song in my car.
So all in all, not such a quiet, reflective day after all.
Time for the yellow gunge in my mouth.

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