Monday, March 16, 2009

why i am not writing this week

Just a brief note to explain why i am not writing this week.
My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer a week ago. She died on Saturday morning. Everything went wrong and in the end she had a pulmonary embolism (clot in the lung).And this was after she was told she was a perfect candidate for an operation - which she was scheduled to have tomorrow.
Had a drama about flying to Cape Town - was not allowed to fly on Friday when my sister did. But on Saturday got the ok from the doctor (the replacement one as mine was at an international conference), even though my flight was already booked for 12. Had to wear a surgical mask on the plane and no one was allowed to touch or kiss me. It was only at the funeral yesterday that I realised why the doctor had said that - that is exactly what happens at a funeral: people hold onto you and bend down and kiss you.
Am going to miss my mother terribly. It was a rare day we did not chat on the phone. She was 77 and my dad and her had been married for 54 years - and still got on well.
Do not have my laptop with me - at my sister's house briefly - the one who lives here.
Have lots to say but will say it another time. Back in Joburg over the weekend - flying back in a mask again. Have chemo on Monday.

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