Monday, March 23, 2009

having a nougat day

Arrived back in Joburg yesterday and just been for third chemo session. Eating Melissa's fig nougat which I bought at the airport alternated with Sally William's hazelnut nougat. My friend, the late Tjaart Potgieter's sister Rose makes the Melissa's one, (as well as most of Woolworths's confectionary) from his recipe, and thinking how I wish I could also come up with a recipe which could make me millions.
Just washed my hands - Melissa's nougat is a sticky gorging delight!
Think I am still a little numb re my mother's death and felt a little tearful this morning as I sat there waiting for my blood to be taken. Luckily my blood count was ok so survived the flight and all.
Oh The Tango Man examined me and said I was looking well and I never said a word in response. For someone who has often stated she is a professional question-asker, I am being pretty quiet and putting all my trust in him but I have to trust someone. He also said my stomach hassles must have been a bug which the antibiotics cleared up cos surprisingly it's all gone - and with that, my appetite came back. Had lost 2kg the week before last, then started the antibiotics and viola! First the cramps disappeared, then the diarrhea, and I started eating protein and well, everything!! So now was up 0.2kg from the last time but once am over this chemo nausea, gonna have to watch what i eat.

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