Tuesday, March 3, 2009

popping pills

Sitting in a restaurant the other night, my lips apparently pursed in agony and not really focusing on the conversation, my friend turned to me and said: "Why are you so averse to pill popping? Nothing you can take now is addictive so just take pills if they can make you feel better."

Thought about it and agree. But now wondering: took an anti-nausea, had a potato for lunch, slept, and have not even been awake for an hour and thinking of taking another anti-nausea which has to be taken half an hour before supper (which is likely to be another potato as no desire to eat anything but finding a boiled potato is edible when all else fails the test.) Is that a bit much? What the hell. Lemme put the stove on.... and pop that pill. Not even sure I am nauseous but have that damn chemo metallic taste in my mouth which makes me feel sick. Maybe time to do some restorative yoga too.

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