Tuesday, March 3, 2009

chemo and food

Forcing myself to eat a boiled potato - added some avo, touch of mayo, worcestershire sauce and tabasco sauce - as the only way i could take the anti-nausea pill was to eat something half an hour later. And a potato seemed bland enough and it is pretty nice.

Maybe not so hungry cos ate a coconut macaroon earlier. My friend Tania came to visit (it's day two after my second chemo treatment for breast cancer and off work for two days) and asked her to bring me a coconut macaroon from Fournos. That was my latest craving. Don't think I have eaten one for years but have noted them at Fournos. And guess what? Googled it and apparently coconut, easiest eaten in macaroons, are good for diarrhea so no wonder I longed for one.

Meanwhile, the meat craving has gone and am gonna give away the beef patties I craved and bought on Saturday. Bizarre. Every day a new craving and always what my body needs. And always a complete departure from what I used to like eating, before I started chemo. Was watching this food programme on TV today which showed freshly cooked salmon with a tomato and basil sauce. Now that was my kind of food - fish with a tomato-based sauce. Today I looked at it and thought, I have no desire to eat that now. And from what I have read, this change of diet is par for the course for chemo.





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