Wednesday, March 25, 2009

perkier today

Went to work today and it made big difference. Felt like shit when I woke up, was kinda astonished about that, but kinda kept going until i arrived at the office an hour and a half late. But I was there. Spent most of the day going through the hundreds of emails which had accumulated in the six and a half days I had been absent. Nadine kindly offered to do most of my work so I am dealing only with one page which is not too bad - considering that is really only a small part of my job.
But day 3 after chemo is always shit for me.
Delighted that I can now eat fruit again - well let's see how it goes - and tentatively started on a mango this evening, until I had eaten it all!!
Feeling nutured too. Many people were warm and caring and only one so-and-so has been glaringly absent in any comment. So sorry that my having cancer and losing my mother does not fit into her neat, little world as until my diagnosis about two and a bit months ago, we were the best of superficial friends.
Aubrey phoned from London tonight and, as always, it was lekker to chat. Looking forward to seeing him sometime later this year, when I am able to travel again.
Been thinking about the doctor, The Tango Man. He sure does not offer a holistic service, does he, saying very little and not expanding on any ideas. But do trust his medical views. Maybe all oncologists are cold. It's what the GP said. That they think they are closer to God than anyone else.
Oh well. Will get - and am getting - my support elsewhere.

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