Saturday, January 11, 2014

Back on my blog

I went to London and almost forgot about my blog. Was so busy and simply adored all the shows and the shopping and the buzz and just living there for three months. Tomorrow will have been back for one month. My weight is up 2 to 2.5kg and my stomach problems (the small intestine bacterial overgrowth) has been appalling since my return but otherwise am well -I hope. My annual battery of tests coming up next month.


  1. Welcome back. I hope you get your systems back up and rolling.

  2. Good day Gillian... googled Lymphoedema South Africa and this blog came up xxx mind if I follow you? I used to do admin work for a physio who specialises in lymphoedema ... and to be honest with you, I miss the patients, so here I am

  3. Hi Gillian, I googled Lymphoedema South AFrica and this blog popped up... I used to be part of the admin staff of a physio who specialised in lymph... and to be honest ... I miss the patients... so here I am xxx