Monday, July 29, 2013

Bloggers inspire me

Have met the most amazing people on the internet since I got cancer. They inspire me. They have oomph and voomah and get on with things, no matter the circumstances. They rejuvenate me, make me bristle with energy and, through their example, help me feel better, make me realise I am not alone.
Three blogs hit me tonight.

Jill Cohen is phenomenal. She does so much, from going to the synagogue to going to dinner parties to hosting dinner parties to singing in an eastern European folk choir Dunava - all while having on-going treatment for metastatic cancer. Be touched by her enthusiasm and zest for life in Dancing with Cancer.

Joanna plays tennis. She loves tennis. She played it through chemo and she plays it now, even though she has on-going Herceptin treatments. Read her story in Life has its Ups & Downs.

Julie Goodale is my hero. She sets herself new challenges, each more adventurous than the other. A classical musician, she pushes herself to the limit physically, whether it is climbing mountains, to running ultra-marathons to running across America to raise funds for cancer in the Million Dollar Marathon. Hold your breath and see if you can keep pace with Fitness for Survivors.

And they are just some of those whom I have met, none in person, on the internet.


  1. Thank you for including me in your list, but I think you are amazing!

  2. Hi I would like to know where you did the sibo test? And was it in SA. Have you been cured?

    1. I have had it done twice. At gastroenterologusts. I go to a great guy at milpark in Joburg. No, not cured cos don't respond well to meds and many, both natural stuff eg peppermint oil, and prescription stuff, often make it worse. Or help for about 5 to 10 days then revert back. Could write a book about my experiences. Ask more questions if you want. Happy to answer.