Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Going ahead with hysterectomy on Monday

After an exhausting day -  which involved much angst and questioning (interrogating really) of both my gynae and to a lesser extent the 2nd Opinion Doctor (whom I really didn't like as he threw the textbook at me which didn't really impress me at all), and also a long chat to the pathologist whom I adored (thanks to my gynae for organising that) - i decided to go ahead with the total hysterectomy on Monday.
Will discuss this in my detail later but need to do lymph massage and also need to wake up early as was out the office for so long today (about 4 hours at the hospital argueing and organising and....)
Anyway, about 95% certain I have made the right choice, which wasn't an easy decision.
Dunno why but when I get sick, it is never straightforward. How to treat my breast cancer when there wasn't a primary tumour (the pathologist told me that happens in 2% of cases) presented me with conflicting suggestions and treatments. And now this. How to deal with and treat a case of markedly atypical endometrial cells suspected of endometrial neoplasia (and the differing interpretations of what neoplasia means) when you are on tamoxifen has been a most perplexing dilemma.
I hope to God I have made the right decision but I do know: had I chosen a D&C as suggested by the pathologist and had it been fine, not sure I could have sat out another six months waiting for an endometrial biopsy.....


  1. I hope this goes very smoothly for you and you are back at 'em very, very soon.

  2. Hello Gillian, I am so sorry I disappeared for a while (nothing horrible, just depression and feeling overwhelmed with life) but I am glad I got back before your hysterectomy. I'll be thinking of you and would be interested in hearing details -- and sharing my own -- if you'd like. You might (not) remember that I had a radical hysterectomy at age 31, then a year later had my ovaries removed too. They were both laparoscopies. I too had a choice to start with a smaller procedure and since I know the outcomes now, I know I would have had to have the bigger surgery afterwards anyway. Saying goodbye to my ovaries was a little difficult, but the hysterectomy, not so bad (though it was the more major of my surgeries, so the recovery was a little longer). Anyway, I've thought of you a lot, and I'm rooting for you. If you will, please send me your address and I can send a thing or two while you're recovering. My email is dianeperson monkeytail gmail dot com.

    You can see now I changed my profile page to reflect I'm back in the US (San Francisco) and there's a link to my not-as-wellkept-as-yours blog.

    Yours, Diane