Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Questions for my gynae tomorrow

Was demented yesterday. Tried to get appointment with my gynaecologist to discuss the impending D&C I am having. I have questions. I have been anxious.
Then today phoned again to ask if the low-level abdominal pain I have been having since my Z-sampler endometrial biopsy was to be expected. The receptionist then said he would be phoning me later.
He phoned. On my work phone. In an open-plan office. Like I can ask him questions in that environment. He said he would see me tomorrow. That is what he had phoned about. Clearly I had got such a fright that I hadn't understood what he had told me, he said. Mmm. I heard the test had shown it was pre-cancerous. That it was ok to wait a few weeks for the D&C. Am not convinced. Need to know more. So although the intensity of my panic disappeared when the oncologist's rooms phoned this morning to say I was to stay on tamoxifen and have the D&C - I love that oncologist and that put my mind at rest - I am relieved to be seeing the gynaecologist tomorrow.

These are my questions:

1) Since the Z-sampler test a week ago, have experienced low-level abdominal pain, rather like very mild period pain. It comes and goes. Is this to be expected or is it a sign of something wrong?

2) The test results say "atypical cells". Are these caused from the tamoxifen? If so, why has The Tango Man told me to stay on the pills?

3) What is the purpose of the D&C: to scrape or to biopsy (is that a verb?)?

4) Could the atypical cells be shown to be cancerous? Or likely to become cancerous?

5) What would be seen under the D&C that would make it necessary for me to have an hysterectomy (he had said it was the worst case scenario).

Oh well, now to pack clothes to change into after gym tomorrow which, with Joburg's insanely variable weather, is very perplexing: how do I choose clothes and shoes to take me from work to the theatre when there is such a drop in temperature from day to night? Oh well.


  1. Sorry for this, Gillian. You're thinking through it & asking good questions. Hoping all goes well!


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Julie. Still have to post about my visit to the gynae but been super busy at work and, in fact, am still at work now (early Friday evening).